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Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the things that struck me about Marc Lloyd Williams is his humility. For someone so accomplished as an athlete, Marc is humble and unassuming, and in the many conversations I had with him, never once referred to his past glories or games to call attention to the fact that he is actually the Messi of Wales. But he is a Hall of Famer and definitely one of the country’s top athletes.

The FFH Foundation were therefore very honoured to have Marc and his colleague David Webb as Naga visitors even for just a week. It was a very hectic but colourful week for the Welsh visitors, who got a whirlwind tour of Filipino culture, natural wonders, and of course, the people of Naga.

Both agreed that we are probably in the most interesting years of Philippine sports, because we are in the cusp of a football explosion. There are many football fans in the country, there is football talent, and what we need is to organize and strategize and put together a plan to make sure we deliver results – best training and development for aspiring football players. The global market is not an impossible dream. We already have Azkals to prove that Filipinos can excel in football. The goal is to produce local Azkals so that we can represent the Philippines. For the country, for its people, especially for the youth and those displaced children who need heroes, role models and hope. Let’s do this!

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