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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Football takes over the streets of Naga. Primetime TV, ABS CBN, features the kick-off of Street Football (Futkal) 2016 in the centre of Naga City, where for the first time, the “cage” was installed to hold 4 vs. 4 continuous play, winners-stay-on. Boys and girls, men and women, came from all over to get their piece of the action. FCN President Richmond “Bogs” Canlas reveals that on top of athletics, the other important aspects of the game, which are the character forming values of fair play, respect and teamwork, are learned and practiced by children and adults from every walk of life. Hon. Mayor John Bongat delivered the historic first kick!

Founder Chris Thomas opted to build at the centre of the town, the very heartbeat of Naga City, to show the entire population, many of whom were usually focused on basketball, that this was a more powerful, fun-filled sport that can galvanise the townspeople towards giving more and doing more for the benefit the community. Since Basketball has monopoly over TV, media and print - football is left in the dark so Thomas brought football to the people, which sparked intrigue and thus football was pushed to the forefront of Naga City sports activities and its development.

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