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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

When summer closed and the rains began, the cage also came down, together with all the other sporting activities that the youth of Naga enjoyed, as part of the summer tradition. But Chris Thomas would not agree to having a “seasonal” football cage, especially after its blockbuster success when it was first introduced.

And so it was another scoop for Football for Humanity, when it convinced the FCN and the LGU to resurrect the cage in an unlikely location – at the parking lot of LCC Mall in Sabang, Naga City. It was another labour of love – Chris and Bogs actually going back and forth the motorpool and making sure each steel matting panel was perfect and ready for installation. When all the panels were constructed, the welders had to work all day and night to get it all together for its re-launch, and the World Cup themed tournament that had all of Naga’s young footballers running and jumping for joy. The Cage is up again! And it’s right beside the mall! And I'm going to be Brazil!!!

And so it came to be, and the saga of Naga football continues. Chris does not take NO for an answer – no location, no funds, no schedule. He blasted all of these, knowing fully well in his heart that the youth of Naga came first, over and above problems and obstacles. Now they can continue training, now they will have more exciting tournaments, and soon they will be masters of cage football. It’s unique to the Philippies, and in a few months, the footballing world will wonder and ask – what is their secret? It’s not a secret at all, but it does work miracles…

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