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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

We’ve always claimed that we were the first to build THE CAGE style format. And that is true and accurate. We’ve asked several sports writers and members of the football community and we are always validated with their response – yes, your cage is unique.

Building the cage is always a challenge. There is that search for the most efficient and convenient location. First requirement is accessibility; can the children travel to the cage without any problem? Is it in a location that is accessible by public transport? Many sports locations, we have noted, are far from town and thus expensive to reach. We made sure the cage would not require children to spend much, or walk long distances. Our location at the LCC Mall is spot-on. It’s right beside the mall where there is plenty of food, water, restroom facilities, and air-conditioning! Tricycles and jeepneys circle the location all day long until the mall closes around 9 pm.

Then there’s the safety and comfort of the players. Will the players and spectators be safe, and far from speeding traffic, and will balls flying out of bounds not endanger cars or people near the location? Does it flood when it rains? Excessive flooding will definitely stop the play, and ruin the cage.

Finally, will there be kind souls who will volunteer to take care of the cage and make sure it is secure from vandals and unauthorized access? Unless there is someone in charge, chances are the nets and goals, and even the steel matting, will go to waste.

So there you have the basic requirements for ensuring the longevity and most efficient use of the cage. If these are fulfilled, the community and its athletes will surely experience the power of football to animate, motivate, and transform. One game, one child, one community at a time.

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