British football coach hopes to transform PH football

A British football coach has expressed hopes to help further develop football culture in the Philippines by imparting valuable football education to some Filipino football coaches in Mindanao.

Owen Southgate, founder and mentor of National Youth Football Association (NYFA SWEDEN), collaborated with Football for Humanity Foundation to conduct a three-day football coaching course to 30 Filipino coaches from different parts of Mindanao.

The coaching education started on July 7 and continued until July 9.

Southgate, who is a first-time visitor to the Philippines, told the Mirror his football coaching course seeks to support Filipino coaches journey to becoming world-class leaders in terms of their approach to the sport.

"My aim has been to engage coaches to find new solutions when training children within football which included exploring a range of innovative strategies for a holistic learning approach" Southgate said.

He revealed that his interaction with the coaches made him see that these coaches already have the skills and all they need is to see football on a bigger scale.

"I am happy to collaborate with Football for Humanity Foundation to develop football in the Philippines by putting the right infrastructure and enhancing the skills of both football coaches and players," he said.

The former football player is confident that once the Philippines is able to properly appreciate the sport of football, Filipinos will have a chance to produce some of the world’s best football players.

Southgate said during his coaching sessions, he teaches the coaches in the classroom and later extends the theoretical lessons in practical classes.

"I firstly try to encourage the coaches to focus on developing the different aspects of football whilst in the classroom and later demonstrate our collaborative work on the field at the Agro football field," Southgate said.

He hopes that in the near future he can teach more Filipino coaches about football.



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