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The first time I witnessed the Quill Awards, I was massively impressed with the big brands and campaigns that were honoured for their excellence in strategy and execution.

It was an award built on results, and I made a pledge to aspire for it especially since I believed in the power of communication.

Now, over a year later, I am holding a Quill trophy in my hand, and it is for EXCELLENCE. Together with my colleagues in the Foundation, our friends from FCN, from the Office of the Mayor, and the Department of Education, we feel very honoured to be recognized among the top brands in the country. But it is an award well-deserved because we made sure we were strategic in everything that we made or did. Our communications, most of all, had relevant content and were accurately timed so that we could maximize the reach to our target markets as much as possible. All of these we were able to do with minimal expense. Our goal was to convince and engage our markets, our partners, our stakeholders to take on the mission of Football for Humanity, and we did. We are now one solid team making our football transformation dream a reality. And today, we have a Quill to prove that we had the right messages, we employed the right channels, and we generated results. We are all winners!

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