Let's play football together!

The Philippines is a tropical environment, fun and friendly. It has been host to famous movies like The Bourne Legacy, An Officer and a Gentleman, Platoon and even the Survivor Series.  


Our volunteer program is focused on youth empowerment and community development, where Football for Humanity volunteers teach, animate, organise, coordinate, and monitor the implementation of grassroots football programmes. Fortunately, this does not end with football alone...


Football for Humanity volunteers are integrated into the community where they can render service in many other forms, such as disaster rehabilitation, house construction, ecological projects, English literacy, and many other activities.  Filipino hospitality is the world’s warmest and guaranteed - the islands will wrap you in joy and beauty. You will never be far from a beautiful beach, a refreshing waterfall, or a colourful and memorable festival. Best of all, it will never feel like work because it’s more fun in the Philippines!

"The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others." 


DeAnn Hollis

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You can help children thrive in the face of adversity by protecting them from the dangers of violent extremism and modern-day slavery. Football for Humanity is a charity funded entirely by its supporters. 

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